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About Us

gistec, Esri Official Distributor in the UAE, is a professional services company specialized in the development of intelligent, cloud-based, and enterprise-wide geospatial data solutions for clients in a variety of disciplines and industries.

Our services include GIS consulting, database services, geographic imaging, applications & production/solution development, server, web and mobile GIS, 3D GIS, training, and time and material professional services delivery program.

gistec leverages GIS information within dynamic business processes. We can spatially enable your existing or planned business applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Asset Management, Maintenance Management, and Human Resource Systems. Our extensive GIS implementation experience ensures that the solutions we implement are future-proof.

gistec collaborates with leading software vendors and data providers to offer our customers with the most modern and comprehensive selection of geospatial solutions worldwide.

To support its users and increase customer engagement in the cloud era, gistec implemented mygistec, a self-service customer portal which can be accessed via my.gistec.com.



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